Google is looking for users to test a new Home app design

androidIt would seem that Google has not yet finished getting its hands on the Home app, dedicated to managing smart devices connected to the personal account. After a series of graphical innovations implemented in the first part of the year, the search giant launched a new program to ask Nest users to test a “next-generation design of the Google app Home”. The program, called Google Nest Trusted Tester, is based on the Centercode testing service and is looking for a group of highly committed testers who are willing to help Google Nest test a never-before-seen product Participants in the program, which will focus on designing new generation of the Google Home app, will need to own Google Nest devices and sign a nondisclosure agreement.

But what does “next generation design” mean? It might look like what we saw at I/O 2022 in May, where Google showed off a revamped Home app for Android tablets that looks much like it does today, except an interface optimized for dual-panel widescreen devices. For the moment, there is no other indication, other than the mention that participants will have to have a Nest device (thermostats, Wifi, speakers, video cameras, doorbells, etc). In addition, entrants must also use the Google Home app or Nest app to verify products and create an account with Centercode to register, as well as sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). You will find all the information in the link below.