Gift for Google One subscribers: additional features are coming

GoogleGoogle One is the unified service for clpud services that Google launched a few years ago to the world. With Google One, you can buy cloud space and then use it as needed. Google One subscribers can choose different subscription types, which differ in the space available and the price charged. Depending on the subscription taken out, various additional options are then granted. For a few hours, Google has decided to offer its Google One subscribers several new options. Let’s see what it is:

– Host longer group meetings with Meet, up to 24 hours.
– Record and share video meetings.
– Eliminate background noise.

In essence, these are all features connected to Google Meet, Google’s well-known platform for calls and video calls. The same platform that has seen considerable development since the pandemic, with a consequent exponential increase in its users. The options we just looked at are already available to all premium Google Workspace users, and now they’re also available to those who subscribe to one of the Google One profiles. In fact, it’s not specified if the new additions are reserved for a specific Google One subscription profile, so we’re assuming they’re coming for everyone. So if you’re a Google One subscriber, you should, if you haven’t already, receive an email from Google letting you know about the news.