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Get a tattoo to access Diablo IV Beta, would you do it?

Innovative initiatives to launch a video game are not lacking in the vast gaming universe. Some bet on free, others favor collabs with prestigious brands. Blizzard pushes the concept even further. As part of the promotion of the next Diablo opus, the studio is organizing a rather unique event. Those who participate in the event and who agree to get tattooed will be entitled to a pass for the beta of the game.

Diablo Hell’s Ink

This year, the Diablo video game series celebrates its 25th birthday. Yes, it’s been 25 years since the first opus of the video game was released on home consoles. It marked the entry of Diablo among the best hack’n’slash in the history of gaming. Until today, many gamers continue to use their controllers while playing the latest Diablo III opus which was launched a decade ago in 2012.

It is to celebrate this 25th anniversary that Blizzard is organizing the Diablo Hell’s Ink. You’re not mistaken, this is indeed an event around the tattoo with Diablo as the theme. For the occasion, the studio is touring several major cities in the world in the company of renowned tattoo artists. Fans who participate in the event are then invited to get tattoos directly inspired by the Diablo universe.

Offer your flesh as tribute

The initiative absolutely appeals to the most hardcore fans of the video game series. You have to actually love a title to get it permanently tattooed on your skin. This is truly the ultimate sign of dedication to the saga. Moreover, players who take up the challenge get a nice little card on which we can read, among other things, “offer your flesh as tribute”. Of course, this card isn’t there just to look pretty, it entitles you to a great privilege.

Participate in the Diablo 4 beta

Possessing the special card and having a Diablo tattoo gives immediate access to the Diablo IV beta that Blizzard entertainment will launch shortly. A question therefore arises: are you ready to offer your flesh as tribute and gain access to Diablo 4 before everyone else? If the answer is yes, then you will have to go to London on August 13 or Berlin on August 18, dates on which the European meetings of Diablo Hell’s Ink are held.

On the other hand, if you are not ready to take the plunge, you could always register on the site dedicated to Diablo IV. You will have a chance to be one of the lucky participants drawn. You can also opt for the ephemeral tattoos offered once again as part of Diablo Hell’s Ink. But there, you will not have access to the beta.

With this bold communication, Blizzard hopes to make people forget the flop of Diablo Immortal, the part of the franchise dedicated to mobiles. Despite everything, we will have to wait for the release of Diablo IV in 2023 to find out if this new opus is worthy of the reputation of the previous ones. To be continued!!!