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George Floyd’s family files lawsuit seeking $250 million against Kanye West

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This Tuesday, George Floyd’s ex-girlfriend, Roxie Washington, acting on behalf of her minor daughter (who is the sole beneficiary of George Floyd’s estate), announced that she was filing a complaint against artist Kanye West. $250 million in damages are sought.

“Kanye West’s comments are a disgusting attempt to downplay the life of George Floyd and profit from his inhumane death,” attorney Pat D. Dixon III said, adding that the purpose here is to “hold Mr. West responsible” for his “distressing remarks” against Floyd.

The complaint is directed not only against Kanye West, but also against his “business partners” and his “associates”. The argument is that Kanye West’s comments, which included false allegations about Floyd’s murder, amount to “harassment, misappropriation, defamation and causing emotional distress”.

During a recent episode of the “Drink Champs” podcast, Kanye West said the guy’s “knee wasn’t on his neck that bad” and mentioned Fentanyl as the reason for his death.

The argument that George Floyd used Fentanyl and suffered from heart failure, two factors that would have led to his death, is that defended by Derek Chauvin’s lawyer. The police officer was sentenced to 21 years in prison for asphyxiating George Floyd with his knee. The doctor who performed the autopsy on George Floyd’s body said at Derek Chauvin’s trial that he succumbed to “cardiopulmonary arrest” which occurred during “immobilization, restraint and compression of the neck by the forces of order”.

The “Drink Champs” episode in question has since been removed from YouTube. Earlier this week, co-host NORE made several media appearances during which he apologized for the content of the episode and the handling of its release.