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Geely is coming to Europe, this time with its own Geely brand

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The Chinese group Geely is already widely present in Europe, starting with the Swedish firm Volvo. But now it comes under its own brand. And the Geelys sold in Europe will be electric.

With one of the largest brand portfolios in the automotive world, ahead of Stellantis, Geely is present on all continents. In Europe, we already know Volvo of course, but also Polestar, Lotus, LEVC, Lynk&Co. Zeekr will arrive next year. That’s not all, because the Geely brand will also arrive in Europe, still with electric models.

Geely has just signed an agreement with Grand Automotive Central. This is a major Hungarian distributor, also present in other countries in the region, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The first vehicle announced is the Geometry C electric crossover. In China, Geometry is an independent brand. In Europe, the vehicle will be named Geely Geometry C.

A mid-range brand

4.43 m long, 1.83 m wide and 1.56 m high, this model is equipped with a 150 kW motor, with 310 Nm of torque. In China, it offers 53 and 70 kWh batteries, with ranges of 400 or 550 km (according to the NEDC standard, approximately 320 to 450 km in WLTP). It is sold from 129,800 to 207,800 RMB (18,000 to 28,800 €).

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In Europe, it could be displayed between 30,000 and 40,000 €. The Geely brand is indeed targeting a lower price range than the other firms in the group and should position itself more or less at the level of MG on mid-range prices. The first Chinese car brand will primarily target the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, but its extension to other countries on the continent is only a matter of time.

In its Chinese range, Geometry also has other models, all electric:

  • A: C-segment 4-door sedan
  • E: B-segment SUV
  • G6 and M6: updated and enriched versions of A and C
  • M2: 4-seater A-segment mini-city car, rival of the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV (released in early 2023)

Which is only the current or very short-term range for the M2. Geely will be adding many more electric models in the years to come. For the moment, apart from the Volvo (most), LEVC and Lotus, all these Geely-branded vehicles are imported from China. But the group could subsequently take advantage of Volvo’s production capacities on our continent, or even set up there itself.