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Gasoline 95, Diesel, Gasoline 98: a specialist answers the question everyone is asking!

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“When I fill up at Leclerc, my engine is a disaster: less power, 20% more consumption… in short, I put it in more expensive stations but it costs me less”, writes Stéphane on the Facebook page of La VDN in reaction to the announcement of Michel-Edouard Leclerc who is launching an operation at cost price. “I had made this observation when I left for Brittany: my full tank at Total, I did all the way; I filled up at Auchan, I refueled at the end of the journey…” added Véronique.

So, can the duration of a fill-up really vary from one distributor to another? Our French colleagues asked the question to Sébastien Jacquemart, automotive specialist at La Voix du Nord.

“Total station, Leclerc station or Auchan station, the fuel comes out of the same refinery. It’s very framed, he explains. The injector sends the same amount of fuel to the engine. Changing stations does not change its operation. »

So how do you explain that our reader had to refuel earlier than expected? The faster fuel consumption is mainly justified by the way of driving, the weight of the vehicle (a car carrying five people and luggage consumes more than a vehicle with only one person on board, for example), under-inflated tires , lack of maintenance or the use of air conditioning.

And for vacationers who choose the mountains, expect to consume more on the outward journey than on the return trip: quite simply because the engine will consume more on the ascent than on the descent.

How to make it last as long as possible?

To reduce fuel consumption, there are a few tips: turn off the engine when you stop for more than two minutes (at a level crossing, for example), reduce your speed a little, adopt a smooth ride, change your gears carefully and use the engine brake to slow down gradually, lighten your vehicle and avoid roof racks and rear bicycles, slightly overinflate your tires (between 0.3 and 0.4 bar more than the manufacturer’s recommendation) .

All the same ?

You may have noticed, at the same station, some diesels cost more than others, the same for gasoline. Brands are developing special ranges with additives, but this will not directly affect the duration of your fill.

The Excellium range from Total, for example, relies on a formula that “cleans your engine”. Shell, for its part, promises with its V-Power range “more efficient combustion” and cleaning “for a cleaner and more efficient engine, and therefore better performance. “But do not expect in any case to drive 200 terminals more than usual with your full.