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Games with Gold: here are the games offered on Xbox in September – Geeko

As is customary at the end of each month, Microsoft has just revealed the new games that will be offered to Xbox Live Gold players in September. Two Xbox Series/Xbox One titles, one Xbox 360 and one Xbox. Note that this is the last time that games from previous generations are offered by Redmond.

Gods Will Fall

Gods Will Fall is the rogue-lite developed by Deep Silver. Released in January 2021, it immerses us directly in Celtic culture and mythology by asking us to make our way through the mazes of a cave. However, the title will not have convinced us, with a very generic gameplay, a very simplistic handling and a very lazy level design.

Note that Gods Will Fall will remain available throughout the month, from September 1 to 30.

Double Kick Heroes

A mix of shmup and musical game, are you interested? This is the daring bet that the Headbang Club studio tried to take up for its first game: Double Kick Heroes. Landed just two years ago, the title immerses us in a post-apo universe in which we must eliminate enemies … by playing music. It’s very close to a Guitar Hero or a Rock Band, it’s nice, the universe is really crazy and colorful and you get attached to it very quickly, provided you’re a fan of hard rock .

Double Kick Heroes will also be available for a month, but from September 16 until October 15.


Remember. There was a time when amusement park management games were legion and swarmed on consoles and PC. Released in 2006, Thrillville belongs to this category, except for one detail: you can play as a visitor to the park and participate in the attractions. Admittedly, the title has taken many wrinkles, but the fun is obviously there. Make sure your park is fun enough for visitors, and don’t hesitate to make any necessary adjustments to allow them to have fun.

Available during the first half of September, Thrillville can be downloaded from this Thursday, September 1. It will remain so until the 15th.

Portal 2

Is it still necessary to present Portal 2? Released in 2011 on PC and consoles, the title from Valve, the parent company of Steam, is now considered one of the best games of all time. With its ultra ingenious gameplay requiring you to find your way through the many puzzles through portals, the game remains, even today, a reference for many independent or larger productions.

Portal 2 will be available from September 16 to 30.

Finally, remember that ScourgeBringer, one of the games offered in August, remains available for download until September 15.

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