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Gameplay trailer unveiled for Don(t Nod’s Gerda: A Flame in Winter – PXLBBQ

Gerda: A Flame in Winter is a narrative game, inspired by real events that occurred during the Second World War, during the German occupation of Denmark. The players will walk in the footsteps of Gerda Larsenunexpected heroine, who will have to arm herself with courage and determination when her life suddenly changes.

The decisions that players will have to make are associated with a mixture of exploration and dialogue, but also through the management of resources and relationships. Choose where to go, who to trust and how to act.

This gameplay trailer offers a first look at the RPG-lite elements of the game and the choices whose direct and indirect consequences open up new branches to explore.

Gerda’s personality traits are real in-game skills. The decisions she makes will affect the relationships she already has with her community that she will either make or break with resistance or occupation. Players will use her diary to keep track of her progress, the management of her resources and her relationships, and also the mental skills she can acquire and use (“mental energy”).

These RPG-lite mechanics give players the ability to understand that their actions can not only have short-term consequences, but also affect the longer-term story flow.

Will there be repercussions if, as a nurse, you help a person in pain, knowing that this one could, later, make suffer in turn? Will you find yourself in a difficult situation later, if you offer valuable resources to someone in need?

Gerda: A Flame in Winter will be available on Nintendo Switch and Steam from September 1, 2022