Game Pass Friends & Family: How the service to share with friends and family will work

MicrosoftImportant news from Microsoft. The company has indeed officially launched the new subscription plan dedicated to Xbox Game Pass: it is “Game Pass & Family”. Compared to the standard plan, this plan will allow up to five players to share the same subscription, while retaining the same advantages guaranteed by the original plan. At the moment, however, this service is only available in Colombia and Ireland. However, Microsoft’s intention to launch it in other markets in the coming months is already certain. The advantage of this new subscription is therefore to divide the total cost, which in Europe will be 21.99 euros per month. Thus, with five players, it will each cost about 4 euros. As for the operation, the main user will subscribe and will be solely responsible for the payments. The same, thereafter, will invite the 4 other players residing in the same country and will thus share the account. In addition, other users can be deleted, with a limit: maximum 8 changes per year.

Finally, Microsoft confirmed another important aspect: your subscription can be converted into the new plan (for example, 30 days of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate converted into 18 days of Game Pass Friends & Family or 30 days of PC Game Pass converted into 12 days of the new subscription). In this regard, the company clarified that “people with whom you are invited to share the subscription cannot convert the existing time. Before joining a group, a member of the group will have to cancel existing subscriptions or wait for the expiry”. As for the release across Europe, no official date has yet been announced. However, the monthly cost should be €21.99 per month.