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Game Audio – Port Worlds by Corax’s Nest – The Initiative

Let’s talk UX Design – Dragon Quest Builders: Design your Sound Design.
A video game with bad sound design: should you diminish your gaming experience (UX Design) by passively undergoing it? I offer you an alternative…

I’m talking to you about the user / user experience in connection with video games: Podcast Let’s talk about UX Design.

Why call on Thomas Gaudy, Ux designer for your web or video game projects? After working (often with passion and enthusiasm) on the design of your project, you will find it increasingly difficult to have the perspective necessary to detect errors in Ux design.

Let’s talk UX Design – Dragon Quest Builders: Arrange your sound design.

Port Worlds – Game audio by Corax’s Nest.
Port Mondes is most likely the first French-speaking RPG accessible to the blind. The game takes place in a dark fantasy universe where you can live three adventures, each allowing you to play a different character but nevertheless linked to the other two by circumstances. With several endings per adventure, its demanding gameplay, its free mode, its various secrets to discover, its achievements to obtain, Port Mondes offers more than a hundred hours of play. The game will be available for free for Windows and Mac from September 1st. Be careful though, it is strongly not recommended for the youngest.

Apotheorasis – An Audio Shooter.
“An FPS with ZERO graphics!? Yes. Eyes wide closed, ears pricked up, hands ready. Let our 3D audio immerse you in this dark, thrilling, twisted – and wickedly humorous – sci-fi action-adventure. Run • Shoot • Dodge • Die, as you challenge your creators. You may be blind, but you are far from helpless and powerless! »