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Galaxy S23 Ultra: how Samsung wants to make a difference in photos

The Galaxy S23 Ultra would be based on Isocell HP2, which according to leaker Ice Universe, should be more efficient than Isocell HP1 and HP3.

The photo modules of the S22 Ultra for illustration. // Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

Samsung is busy developing 200 megapixel sensors for future generations of smartphones. The question being: when will these famous sensors be fitted to a product? A priori, the very first should be called Motorola Frontier, but Samsung itself would not wait much longer to offer it on one of its high-end phones.

According to a tweet from leaker Ice Universe, the Galaxy S23 Ultra would have a 200 megapixel sensor, it is “almost 100% sure”, he wrote. More interestingly, it wouldn’t necessarily be the sensor we expected. Explanations.

A story of HP3 and HP2

A priori, the first smartphone to offer a 200 megapixel sensor will be based on the Isocell HP1, developed by Samsung. This is the first generation of sensor of this type marketed by the Korean giant.

Except that since then, we had learned that the Seoul brand was developing another sensor, called Isocell HP3, a smaller sensor since displaying a 1/1.4 inch format against 1/1.22 inch for the HP1.

If you follow a bit, you must be wondering where the second generation of Isocells went. We found her. According to Ice Universe, it is the Isocell HP2 that would equip the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The leaker adds that it would be the best sensor between the three, without specifying how it would exceed its two congeners.

For the rest of the information and rumors that are already circulating about the Galaxy S23 Ultra, let’s add that it should change its chip on the European market, finally opting for a Qualcomm solution. Again, this could be good news a priori, given that the photos taken on Galaxy S22 Ultra under Snapdragon tended to see a slight improvement compared to those captured with an S22 Ultra under Exynos. Also, the telephoto camera meanwhile would retain the same sensor as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but given the wonders it produces, we’re not too worried.

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