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Fuels: “Refueling in Luxembourg is no longer interesting”

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Fuels“Refueling in Luxembourg is no longer interesting”

LUXEMBOURG – Are lower fuel prices in France than in Luxembourg likely to change current habits?


Jean-Francois Colin and Thomas Holzer

Will Luxembourg service stations be deserted?

Vincent Lescaut

Thanks to government rebates (see opposite), fuel prices could now be higher in Luxembourg than in France. If the difference should be slight for diesel (4 to 5 cents), it could be more substantial for the Super 98 (around 25 cents). What to witness in the coming weeks a “reverse pump tourism”?

“Ready to change habits”

“There is no question of changing my habits”, insist Patricia, from Bascharage, and Maria from Steinfort. “What’s the point of polluting and driving kilometers for a minimal difference?”, adds Romain, from Bascharage. “It’s not worth it,” confirm Max, from Comar-Berg, and Romy, from Bettange-sur-Mess. Unlike Renata, from Frisange, and Joé, from Mondercange, who say they are “ready to change their habits” and go and refuel in France.

On the other side of the border, the point of view is generally shared, and gas tourism could have fizzled out. In any case for the moment: “There is no point in traveling 30 km to go and fill up in Luxembourg. Before, I took advantage of it when I dropped off someone, not anymore, ”testifies Ahmed in front of a service station in Fameck. “It’s not as interesting as before, that’s obvious,” continues Manu.

And even less for professionals like Patrick, for reasons of different taxation compared to individuals in France: “Some truck drivers still took fuel in Luxembourg. No one does that anymore,” he concludes.

The great waltz of rebates

In Luxembourg, the rebate of 7.5 centimes per liter of fuel ended on Wednesday. In France, a “super-discount” of 30 centimes per liter comes into force today, for two months. Without forgetting an additional effort of 20 cents announced by TotalEnergies. In Thionville for example, the SP 98 could sometimes approach this Thursday 1.62 euro / liter, the SP95 1.51 euro / liter and the diesel 1.809 euro.