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From 1860 to 11,836 euros in energy bills: the Dumont bakery forced to close, “It’s not an increase, it’s an assassination!”

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“Here, the hard time has arrived …”, begins, in a Facebook message that has gone viral, the Dumont bakery. Located in Vencimont, in the Ardennes of Namur, between Beauraing and Gedinne, the establishment relays a dramatic reality that strikes many self-employed people in our country. That of appreciated businesses and artisans, whose business very often turns, but who are forced, by the scale of the energy crisis and its impact on the bill, to stop the costs.

“Like some colleagues before us, it is time, in turn, to thank our government for its inaction and indifference, it is time to thank you, you, for your loyalty, and it is time, finally, to draw our If the political world does not set limits and does not take decisions commensurate with the cataclysm in which we find ourselves, you will soon no longer have any open bakeries in Belgium” warn the managers, annoyed.

Supporting figures: “A short explanation, in complete transparency: At the start of 2021, we were paying €1,342/month for our electricity consumption. Yes, a bakery consumes a lot: daily, it’s between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. use of the oven and machines, cold room 24 hours a day, lights on for 20 hours,… At the start of 2022, we had increased to 1,860 euros/month. 500 euros increase, therefore, coupled with the increase in raw materials (flour, butter,…), you remember, this had generated a €0.20 increase in your bread.”

“And then”, everything changes as soon as “this month of September 2022 arrives and this day when I have the good idea, feeling the wind turn, to go to the application of our electricity supplier (I advise everyone to do the same and not to wait blindly for your regularization bill to arrive at home!)… this day when we discover with amazement, with a tight throat and fear in our stomachs, a regularization bill estimated at 46,000 euros and a readjustment of our monthly installments set at 11,836 euros Yes, yes, we are talking about +500% of our MONTHLY electricity bill (no need to look for the little beast, yes, that’s good for the same consumption, no, there is no mistake, yes the electricity suppliers and the government don’t give a damn about it, yes Ukraine has a good back, yes, the middle class and the little independents are going to die!).”


A multiplication that is simply impossible to pass on to the customers of the bakery – whose purchasing power is, of course, also affected since this crisis is hitting us all in cascade. “If we apply the same increase to our loaves, your white square would have to be sold for €16.80 to allow us to survive. It’s an aberration! It’s not an “increase”… it’s an assassination! The end of a profession… and the lives that go with it!”

The Dumont bakery was therefore forced, this Sunday, at 12 p.m., to close its shutters. “We never thought we would one day experience such an event… But the shameful rise in the cost of electricity and the inaction of our government has taken us from a monthly bill of 1,860 to 11,836 euros , we are unable to continue operating.”

The message, shared more than 12,000 times at the time of writing these lines, has not finished echoing with the population.