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Free introduction to Blender 3D software – Video course

Do you want to take advantage of the summer to get started on free 3D software? So in partnership with the online training site, we present you a free course to start learning the basics of Blender, the free animation, modeling and 3D rendering software.

Who Should Attend ?

Intended for 3D beginners, this video tutorial will be an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the software interface, to discover its main features to create their first 3D projects.

The tutorial program

These are 2 hours of lessons that are presented here. Here’s what you’ll learn to do:

  • install Blender, the free 3D software;
  • put the interface in French;
  • navigate the interface;
  • understand the management of views, manipulators and sharing;
  • build and manufacture various life-size objects;
  • and many others.

Install Blender, the free 3D software

Now, here is a video taken from this free training in which the trainer explains how to install Blender on your computer.

You can find the free Introduction to Blender training in its entirety on

Also discover all the Blender tutorials available on the platform.

Good tutorial!

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