You are currently viewing Frederik and Mary, an almost royal crown couple, in the absence of Margrethe II at her jubilee gala: the crown princess wears her wedding tiara

Frederik and Mary, an almost royal crown couple, in the absence of Margrethe II at her jubilee gala: the crown princess wears her wedding tiara

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Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary welcomed senior dignitaries from the kingdom to Christiansborg Castle on Friday evening. Margrethe II was to be the host of the evening but she could not participate in her own gala, organized in honor of her 50 years of reign. The heir couple already looked like a couple of sovereigns, greeting the ministers, deputies and Eurocrats who paraded in front of them curtsying.

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Frederik and Mary receive the Danish authorities at Christiansborg Castle in replacement of Queen Margrethe II

Queen Margrethe II definitely has no chance with her Golden Jubilee celebrations. The Queen of Denmark celebrated her 50th anniversary in January 2022. At the same time, Denmark imposed the strictest health measures applied in the country since the start of the pandemic. All public festive events related to the Golden Jubilee had been postponed until September. These took place, in part a fortnight ago, not to mention some events canceled out of respect for Queen Elizabeth II, who died a few days earlier.

Princess Benedikte arrives at Christiansborg Castle on September 23, 2022 (Photo: Keld Navntoft, Kongehuset)

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Queen Margrethe II absent from the gala organized in her honor

This Friday, September 23 was to take place one of the last festive events linked to the Golden Jubilee celebrations. A grand royal gala with pomp was organized at Christiansborg Castle so that members of the government, members of parliament and MEPs could pay homage to the queen. The gala dinner did take place… without Queen Margrethe II. The day after returning from London, where she attended Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, the Queen tested positive for Covid-19.

The heir couple replaced the queen during the gala evening in honor of the 50 years of reign of Margrethe II (Photo: Keld Navntoft, Kongehuset)

Absent at her own gala, as a security measure, Queen Margrethe II, 82, was replaced by her eldest son. Crown Prince Frederik, 54, himself just returned from New York with his wife, replaced the sovereign at the gala. The very royal attitude of the heir couple will not have escaped anyone, nor their striking complicity.

Princess Benedikte, Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik welcome guests (Photo: Keld Navntoft, Kongehuset)

Royal evenings at Christiansborg Castle have become a tradition. They were established in 1958 by King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid, in the presence of 500 guests, on the occasion of Margrethe’s 18th birthday.

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Crown Princess Mary wears her wedding tiara

Crown Princess Mary, 50, wore a pink David Andersen dress, pink satin Gianvito Rossi pumps and a pair of diamond earrings. For this event, which honored his mother-in-law, the wife of the heir made a nod to his own entry into the family, wearing the tiara of his marriage.

Crown Princess Mary wore her wedding tiara (Photo: Keld Navntoft, Kongehuset)

Little is known about the tiara that Mary received from her in-laws for her wedding in 2004. It could be an original confection or a piece bought at auction by Margrethe II and her late husband. In 2011, Mary had the tiara modified to add a row of pearls to the base. Since then, she has worn the tiara with and without that row of pearls.

The 350 guests filed past the heir apparent and Princess Benedikte before taking their seats at the table in the next room (Photo: Keld Navntoft, Kongehuset)

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Queen Margrethe II’s Golden Jubilee Gala Dinner Menu for Ministers, MPs and MEPs

Princess Benedikte, 78, sister of Queen Margrethe II who works full-time for the Crown, stood alongside the crown couple to greet each guest. The rest of the evening continued in the Salle des Chevaliers, located just next door. A three-course menu was presented to the guests, with entertainment from actor Rasmus Botoft, singer Asta Norr and musician David Hildebrandt.

The guests rise for the entrance of the royal family before starting the meal (Photo: Keld Navntoft, Kongehuset)

The menu was composed especially for the occasion. All fruits and vegetables in the preparations came from the gardens of Fredensborg Castle. The starter was a ballottine of sole with zucchini and Hollandaise sauce. The main course was a coq aux champignon, with Jerusalem artichokes and crudités. For dessert, the 350 guests enjoyed a cinnamon apple pie with vanilla cream. The meal was accompanied throughout by several wines from the Château de Cayx of Queen Margrethe II, including a special cuvée for her 50 years of reign.

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