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Frédéric François, a violent rupture! He decided to end it

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In a relationship for fifty years with Monique, the mother of his four children, Frédéric François would face a violent break.

And the nature of this “separation” is revealed by the magazine France Dimanche, which displays the 72-year-old singer on its front page.

“For the 72-year-old Sicilian artist, family has always been sacred. But today, alas, after years of cloudless happiness, her whole little world is turned upside down,” the publication said in its October 21 issue.
Frédéric François, who has been confronted with health problems in the past, has not actually finished his relationship with Monique, married in 1970, and who gave him his four children (Gloria, Vincent, Anthony, Victoria ) and his six grandchildren.
This brutal break that Frédéric François faces is professional.

The singer would have indeed “decided to clean up his life, particularly in his professional entourage”.

According to France Dimanche, he would have resolved to end his collaboration with “fifteen of his relatives, musicians and other fellow travelers in his profession”.

“A real break with his past. A rupture as brutal as it is sudden and, above all, without explanation”.