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François Damiens brings out the Embrouille: new hidden cameras are coming!

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François Damiens invites himself on Disney +. The Belgian actor is featured in the comedy series lovers which arrives this Wednesday, October 19 on the platform.

Better still, it also announces the return of the Embrouille with a new series of hidden cameras, six years after having stopped filming because it had become too complicated. “Yes, they are ready, we just have to shoot them. Maybe at the beginning of next year. I really want them”he told the DH.

Two years ago, François Damiens confided his desire to trap people again. Tracking had even been carried out, he said in February 2020. But in the meantime, the Covid has been there…

Born in the early 2000s on RTL-TVI, the character of François l’Embrouille has become a must for hidden cameras. Far from being tender with his victims, François Damiens pushed the cork very far. It makes you wonder how the trapped people did not come to blows with him very quickly. This is particularly true with this sequence in which he plays a tattoo artist and the next one where he takes care of ski lifts in a ski resort…

The last hidden cameras of François l’Embrouille date back to 2014. Having become popular in France as in Belgium, it became impossible for him not to be unmasked.

The billionaire is one of his latest productions.

In 2018, he made a film using the hidden camera principle: My kit. It then took four hours to make up the actor so that he was not recognizable: dental prostheses, ear peelers, fake belly, etc.