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Franco Dragone’s funeral will be held in La Louvière

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The wife, children, family and close collaborators of Franco Dragone learned yesterday, September 30, 2022, of his unexpected death in Cairo, where he was for his work, following a cardiac arrest.

Since yesterday, the relatives have received multiple marks of sympathy from the Belgian and international public, which testifies to the extent of the artistic work of Franco Dragone, the quality of his personal and professional influence, leaving a very rich artistic heritage.

Franco Dragone remained faithful all his life to his values ​​which constituted the cardinal points of his work, artistic excellence, civic engagement and the value of example.

The date of the funeral is still unknown.

Even recently, the successful transmission of the urban opera “Décrocher la Lune” was the best illustration of this. For him, a shared artistic approach “crystallizes the collective memory”.

“For more than 10 years, Franco Dragone had been the subject of unjust prosecutions, which had deeply affected him. He was waiting with hope from the courts for a decision that would finally give him justice. Franco Dragone was a sincere, committed and courageous man.“, indicates the family of the artist through a press release.

“Getting to the moon is a state of mind, he used to say. It is up to us to recapture the vital impetus that he has always embodied and to put our steps in the road that he was constantly clearing for everyone: that excellence and kindness”.

The family and relatives of Franco Dragone will organize the repatriation of his remains to Belgium as soon as possible.

His funeral will be held in La Louvière on a date that is not yet known.