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France gives the green light to roll with frying oil

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Filling up with frying oil to reduce your fuel bill is the decision taken by many motorists in recent weeks. It may seem incongruous, but the practice is safe for diesel engines, and diesel only. It is still necessary to filter the oil before use, and some also advise mixing the oil with a little diesel to thin this fuel. But the problem is that this practice is illegal in Belgium. Frying oil is not taxed as a fuel, so it would be a loss of revenue for the state. But other countries have decided to offer this possibility to their citizens, faced with the economic crisis. This was already the case in Germany, and France has just followed suit. “If it is technically quite possible to drive with this type of product, this practice was until then totally prohibited by law. And this, for the simple and good reason that oil is not taxed as much as gasoline or diesel, thus representing a significant loss of revenue for the government. In case of control, you can then get a heavy fine, depending on the amount used to operate your car. But now that is changing. And indeed, the government has finally legalized driving in frying oil, as part of its 2023 budget bill.“, indicates the specialized site AutoPlus.

And while some experts don’t recommend the practice for engine life, not everyone agrees. Let’s say that in times of crisis, the economy is good to take and without immediate risk, by tinkering a little all the same.

And another example can support the theory and make our leaders think. An Airbus A380 performed a flight with engines powered by fuel composed of cooking oils on Friday March 25, 2022 from Toulouse. This test, which lasted three hours at the time, was the third carried out with this type of fuel. If even aviation is getting into it given the safety standards already imposed, it is because the practice is in the future. And ecologically? The pollution would be similar, and we can also think of the circular side of the practice since we reuse waste destined to end up in the container park.