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“Four hooded and armed guys” broke into Cyril Hanouna’s house in the middle of the night

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Thursday, October 6animator star of “Do not touch My TV“, confided in the subject of a mishap that happened to him this summer:This summer, I say, here we were almost attacked by bad guys who wanted to break into my house“, thus swung Cyril Chanuna. We therefore understand that the presenter of the talk show was the victim of an attempted burglary.

Raymond, his friend and columnist present on the set with the host, gives a little more details.Mean guys, it is four hooded and armed guys in the middle of the night.” An incredible story since, after seeing these mysterious burglars on the surveillance cameras, Cyril Chanuna and Raymond (also present on the scene) would then have locked themselves in the host’s house, without a telephone network to call for help. The thugs, however, did not know that they were at the home of the one who is nicknamed in the program “Baba”.The problem, it is that he is not a footballer, there will be no ransom, he will defend himself“, says Raymond, referring to the numerous burglaries that have taken place at the homes of famous footballers in recent months.

The outcome of the story? It is the personal security service of theanimator who would have gotten involved.He there were data instructions, lower all the blinds, close all the doors, when one of them has entered, you have to go around the house, concludes Raymond. I even put a guy on a watchtower“, jokes Cyril Chanuna. Top of the story: Chanuna will never have called the police, because he admits to having “forgot“. Fortunately, the story ends well.