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Forza Motorsport: a multiplayer mode designed for Grand Prix fans

Game News Forza Motorsport: a multiplayer mode designed for Grand Prix fans

Expected for next spring, Forza Motorsport intends to shine as the benchmark for automotive simulation. Turn 10 Studios’ game continues slowly, but surely, to reveal itself through the studio’s various announcements. Today, the Turn 10 teams are talking about a new multiplayer game mode, designed to satisfy fans of official competitions.

Forza king of the circuit

Forza is Microsoft’s flagship automotive license. Available as an arcade-oriented spin-off with Forza Horizon the app originally corresponds to a real automobile simulation. Determined to overshadow Gran Turismo 7, the racing saga should make its return next year with Forza Motorsport.

Developed by Turn 10 Studios, we still know little about this new opus which was shown for the last time during the Summer Game Fest with gameplay and a release date. Scheduled for spring 2023, Forza Motorsport is being revealed bit by bit over the months. To glean some information, you have to closely follow the news from Turn 10 Studios, which recently shared on its social networks the implementation of a multiplayer game mode that has not yet been released for the license.

Forza GP

Turn 10 decided to design this never-before-seen game mode based on fan demand. Inspired by official competitions, this mode adopts a similar format of races taking place over weekends, like the F1 Grand Prix.

In fact, players will be able to go through three phases. A first of free practice, then a second of qualifying, which will finally follow a race where the most skilful players will compete.

The details of this game mode are not yet known. It is possible that Turn 10 will set up an international ranking, even rewards for the best pilots. More information should be revealed in the future. As a reminder, Forza Motorsport will be exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox ecosystem.