You are currently viewing Fortnite week 11 challenges in season 3 of chapter 3, list of quests

Fortnite week 11 challenges in season 3 of chapter 3, list of quests

New Fortnite Challenges for Week 11 Season 3 Chapter 3 are available. How to do them and what is the list of quests?

Season 3 Chapter 3 of Fortnite is available since this Sunday, June 5 and with it additional content has been added with of course a new battle passbut also new skins centered on two well-known characters from the cinema, dark Vador and IndianaJones, adding mounts that are wolves.

As always, challenges are available with this update release, and each challenge will allow you to earn XP, and quickly level up in the game. Some challenges are not easy to complete and for save time, we offer guides to perform them without difficulty. Some challenges are the subject of explanations so do not hesitate to consult them to quickly recover experience on your battle pass.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Week 11 Season 3 Challenges

Click on each of the challenges in blue to access its associated guide. Each hard challenge will have its own item to explain to you from A to Z what needs to be done to overcome it.

Source: Epic Games

  • Eliminate an opponent with a Junk Rift
  • Damage a player with a DMR from more than 75 meters away
  • Eliminate opponents with the Kamehameha
  • Reality Tree Emote
  • Land 3 times in a single match
  • Open Supply Depots
  • Damage enemy vehicles with the Charged SMG

Source: Epic Games

Don’t forget that the chapter 3 season 3 will last several weeks, you will have plenty of time to complete all the challenges. Don’t forget also that each week, Epic Games will add additional challenges.

The great novelty at the moment is Kamehameha and Kinto one which are available in Fortnite and with which you will have to perform certain challenges! Take advantage of this item in your games!

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