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Fortnite season 4 update height and weight, chapter 3 patch 22.00 download

Patch 22.00 update is coming to Fortnite for the new season! But how big is it on the different platforms?

The new season of Fortnite finally arrives, with the deployment of patch 22.00 on all platforms! It will be possible to discover chapter 3 season 4with a whole new theme and new content to discover in the game. Many things will change as always, including the map, the NPCs or the weapons for example.

Once the maintenance of the game is finished, it will be necessary to download the very new patch of the game. As with each new season, the weight of this one will be a little more substantial than usual, so it will certainly take a little while to be able to download it. We reveal to you weight per platform below !

What weight for Fortnite patch 22.00 in season 4 of chapter 3?

It is this Sunday, September 17 that the brand new season of Fortnite is released! To find it, you will have to download patch 22.00 of Fortnite, before being able to access the game. Find below the size of this patch below for each platform:

This article will be updated as soon as possible. Be careful, the maj 22.00 for season 4 is very heavy.

  • 22.00 update size on PS4 : 14 GB
  • 22.00 update size on PS5 : 9 GB
  • 22.00 update size on Xbox : 12 GB
  • 22.00 update size on pc 😕 GB
  • 22.00 update size on Switch : 11.8 GB

To download it, make sure you have a good internet connection! Without it, you might have some difficulty downloading this new season patch, which is quite large depending on the platform.

Once downloaded, you will be able to launch Fortnite once maintenance is complete. You will then be able to discover all the new features that the game has to offer, such as the new game map or even new weapons and new skins for example!

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Published on 09/18/2022 at 09:07

By zilliz