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Fortnite Is Back With New V21.51 Update For Fire With Fire Week

Some fan favorites are making a comeback (Photo: Epic Games)

After the servers were down for a while, Fortnite is back and it has rolled out its latest update and v21.51 patch notes.

If you’re a Fortnite fan, don’t expect any major changes just yet, as Chapter 3 Season 4 isn’t expected to launch until the end of the month.

However, there is still time to complete the Battle Pass and enjoy the Fire With Fire week, until the event burns Tuesday, September 13.

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The next few days will be all about fire, so it’s no surprise that the Primal Bow Shotgun and Dragon’s Breath will make a brief return to the loot pool, alongside fiery quests.

Epic Games developers have also made a small change to the in-game voice settings with the option to choose between Everyone, Friends and Teammates, Friends Only, or Nobody. However, players under 18 will only have the Nobody option.

Another small change coming with the patch update is the addition of a purchase hold feature when purchasing cosmetics from the Item Shop. Never worry about spending your V-bucks savings on a lousy item by mistake.

Popular Fortnite dataminer iFireMonkey also revealed that one of the Play Your Way quests has been updated and players can now earn the Back Board backpack if they have it unlocked.

For now, it looks like Epic Games is focused on sorting out some of the common bugs this season, such as the health and shield bar not showing the correct values, or players getting spammed with friend notifications accepted.

Some issues with player animations, as well as an issue affecting prop manipulation devices have also been fixed.

It was hoped that the latest patch update would reveal some sort of live event or exclusive content after the Gen Hoshino Soundwave Series music quest, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

No need to worry, because you’ll be getting plenty of these in Season 4, along with another Marvel superhero skin and a Jiggle Jiggle emote, according to leaks.

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