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Fortnite Fandom Battles Minecraft Fans Who Claim The Game Is ‘Dead’

Fortnite Battle Royale is still one of the most popular video games. Although it has been out for almost five years, it is still played by millions of players online and has broken many records.

What Epic Games has done with the battle royale title is impressive, however, some gamers think the game is dead. Despite a very active community and millions of players, “Fortnite is dead” comments are still popular on social media.

Recently, Minecraft gamers took a shot at the popular title from Epic Games. The former is another sandbox game that has worked well for over a decade. It was released on many platforms and still has a lot of players. Unfortunately, it seems some Minecraft players just don’t like the fact that Fortnite has a large playerbase.

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Fortnite is a dead game, according to Minecraft players

Since the release of the fourth season of Fortnite Battle Royale, some players have started to think that the game is over. This is the season when Epic Games added Hop Rocks, which allowed players to lower their gravity and move around the island faster.

Hop Rocks were a great addition to the game, but some players thought they were too futuristic and the game was dead because of them. The truth, however, was completely different. Epic’s battle royale always attracted millions of players and always broke many records.

On September 1, a Twitter page for Minecraft memes posted a tweet claiming that Fortnite was dying, but Minecraft was still as popular as ever.

While Minecraft is definitely still quite famous, it is still behind the Battle Royale game in terms of active players. According to, Minecraft had 172 million players in the last 30 days, which is an impressive number. However, the number of battle royale players was 253 million, or 47% more.

The Fortnite community reacts to calls for the title being dead

The tweet from the Minecraft meme page got a lot of attention, but mostly from Fortnite Battle Royale players. Thousands of gamers joined the conversation to defend their favorite game, which caused chaos on Twitter.

Twitter user tapioka_bomb said he wanted Minecraft to die, just to stop annoying gamers talking.

There’s a part of me that wishes Minecraft died so literally all the boring people who play it shut up

Minecraft is still very popular, but for some reason players are thought to have a superiority complex. Instead of just enjoying their favorite game, they choose to talk about other video games, which is quite unusual.

@tapioka_bomb But en, I wish minecraft players could stop this superiority complex

A returning Fortnite player has highlighted how fun the video game is with Goku and Beerus. Players can also choose Darth Vader, Patrick Mahomes and other popular characters and celebrities which is amazing.

@tapioka_bomb Dawg, I literally went back to Fortnite, got the Goku and Beerus pack and worked hard. It’s fun to play with Darth Vader and Patrick Mahomes on my team.

Some Twitter users simply commented on how the joke was overused. The video game has been going strong for many years, but it has been considered dead since 2018.

@tapioka_bomb It’s a joke from two years ago, a little late to the party

@tapioka_bomb @Koraketta people say fortnite has been dying for about 3 years and yet everyone talks about it every 2 months en

@tapioka_bomb Sounds like the kind of stuff that happened on reddit in 2019/2020

A Twitter user pointed out how much Fortnite has changed over the years. It first started as a battle royale game, but with the addition of creative mode, Epic Games allowed players to create their own custom maps and games, which completely changed it.

@disposablealt656 @tapioka_bomb fortnite stopped being primarily a battle royale a long time ago now it’s like roblox where you can play fun maps with fun game modes

Luckily, some gamers said both games were good and fun.

The battle between the two communities will certainly not stop anytime soon. However, the good thing is that both games will most likely remain popular for a long time and not die anytime soon.

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