You are currently viewing Forging a WoW WotLK Classic alliance, how to complete the quest in World of Warcraft?

Forging a WoW WotLK Classic alliance, how to complete the quest in World of Warcraft?

WOTLK Classic servers are available since September 27. It’s time to relive all the quests in Northrend, including “Forging an Alliance”.

World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic is back ! Since September 27, 2022, players can relive or discover WoW’s second expansion. It is certainly the most popular extension of the old World of Warcraft which explains the enthusiasm for the game currently. WoW retail pro players have even earned titles like the World First of Naowh with his paladin in a record time.

In this adventure in Northrend, you will be able to revisit the regions of this continent with the Borean Tundra or the Dragonblight. It’s also an opportunity to redo dungeons like the Nexus, and obviously raids with Naxxramas in 10 and 25 from phase 1. In World of Warcraft, some quests can be more difficult than others to complete. Some players are having difficulty with the “Forge an Alliance” quest. “. We tell you how to finish it.

How do I complete the Forging an Alliance quest?

You will find the “Forge an Alliance” quest in the Storm Peaks area. This is one of the quests to build your reputation with the Sons of Hodir. You can get it from Thorim, at the top of the Temple of Storms in the center of the area. He asks you to go to Dun Niffelem, further east, to speak to King Jokkum and ask him to reforge Thorim’s armor.

Once there, you must complete a quest for King Jokkum. He asks you to talk to Njormeld (74, 63) and, with the help of Snorri, collect snow to defeat 10 creatures all the way east of Dun Niffelem. You can then return to Njormeld in Dun Niffelem to complete the quest.

To help you, here is a video of the quest in English:

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Published on 03/10/2022 at 16:05

By DinoG