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For an AI, Mark Zuckerberg is ‘frightening and manipulative’

The BlenderBot 3 chatbot which is an Artificial Intelligence of discussions created by Meta the company of mark zuckerberg obviously does not hesitate to say what he thinks of the person who created it. While the tool was released to the public on Friday August 5 and is still being tested, some users wanted to know what they think of the Meta boss. On the blue bird social network, Max Woolfdata specialist for buzzfeed published the answer of Artificial Intelligence on this subject.

“No Strong Feelings”

What do you think of Mark Zuckerberg as CEO of Facebook? » he asked as a question. No strong feelings. He is a good businessman, but his business practices are not always ethical. It’s funny that he has all that money and always wears the same clothes! », immediately answered the machine. To another user, Chatbot BlenderBot 3 replied that he did not like “much” mark zuckerberg.

“I really don’t like him…”

According to another response from the machine published by the American newspaper Insiderthe boss of Facebook would not really be in his heart. JI really don’t like him at all. He’s too scary and manipulative », he launched as a response according to the American media. Remember that the conversational program is still learning. According to the details of Meta’s blog post on the subject, access to the program is reserved mainly for adults for the moment. “TAll conversational AI agents have been known to sometimes mimic and generate dangerous, biased, or otherwise offensive utterances »says Meta about it.