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Football Manager 2023 will be released on PlayStation

Sports Interactive has revealed that Football Manager 2023 will have a PlayStation 5 version for the first time in its history. The new football management/simulation game will be released on November 8, on PS, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch, leaving only PlayStation 4 aside.

That being the case, the franchise will debut on two new platforms with the new title. The arrival on PlayStation had been expected for some time, but it never happened. The head of Sports Interactive has already said in 2020 that he was unable to carry out a port to Sony’s console, as he had not received the development kits. Today, the possibility of releasing the title on the PlayStation 5 is appreciated.

Football Manager 2023 marks another major milestone for the franchise, with our debut on two new platforms. Fans have been asking us to produce a PlayStation version for many years. So I’m delighted that these players now have the chance to experience what it’s like to be a real football manager.

Other ways to play the release

Apart from the PC version and the console version, Football Manager 2023 will also be released on iPad, iPhone, Mac and Apple TV. On these devices, players will be able to experience the touchscreen version of the title. It is important to remember that the touchscreen version of Football Manager 2023 will also be purchasable on Nintendo Switch.

After being dropped from Apple’s platform in the franchise’s latest release, FM23 will be purchasable through the Apple Arcade app.

Major League Licensing

Football Manager generally offers a complete management experience, and it’s even better when the game has the license of major leagues such as the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League.

More information about the new franchise will be revealed in October.