You are currently viewing Football Manager 2023 announced for PC and Xbox, but which platform is best?

Football Manager 2023 announced for PC and Xbox, but which platform is best?

Soccer Manager 2023 on PC

The first version of Football Manager 2023 will be available on PC and also on Mac. You should know that the game is already available for pre-order. To do this, Steam, Microsoft Store and Epic Games Store offer a 20% discount. In addition, pre-orders allow you to benefit from early access to the game a few days before its official release. In terms of publishing, Football Manager 2023 on PC and Mac will come with a cover and a download code. So there will be no disc or booklet.

PCs offer several advantages for gamers. PC games are more accessible in terms of budget. There are even several free pc games from different categories to meet all preferences. In addition, a gaming PC is customizable according to your needs in order to enjoy an optimal gaming experience. Besides, computer graphics are vastly superior whether you opt for an integrated graphics processor or a graphics card. Finally, another asset that PC users have is the variety of game and mouse controllers: gamepads, joysticks, gaming mice, etc.

Football Manager 2023 Console on Xbox

For the console, Xbox One and Xbox Series will also benefit from a dedicated version of the game Football Manager 2023. This is a version designed to play comfortably on the couch. This can be seen in the elements highlighted and the ergonomics of the device. And to top it off, in addition to Xbox, Football Manager joins Sony’s consoles for the first time on the PlayStation 5, all in a version optimized for the DualSense controller. Obviously, the game will still be available on Xbox Game Pass.

Consoles like those of Xbox offer several positive points to gamers. They are easier to handle and cost less. Even beginners can quickly find their footing with a console game. Compared to PCs, consoles are less expensive. In addition, recent models are more versatile, because they allow you to listen to music or watch films and series. In addition, a console does not require any upgrade, even if manufacturers offer new models each time according to technological advances. Gamers finally agree that consoles are the best multiplayer platform.

Football Manager 2023 Touch on Nintendo Switch and Apple Arcade

It’s also worth knowing that the Touch version is still available this year for Nintendo Switch, as well as Apple Arcade. The latter constitutes a subscription for Apple devices. There are premium games. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the Touch version of Football Manager 2023 if you have an iPhone, an iPad, an Apple TV or even a Mac. It should be noted that the version is optimized for portable consoles and for touch devices. And for the first time, iPhone owners will have the privilege of trying out the 3D engine in-game.

Football Manager 2023 Mobile on iOS and Android

To enjoy FM 2023 on iOS and Android, the mobile version is back. It’s described by Sports Interactive as “the fastest way to play on any platform.” Other than that, no details were disclosed. We will have to wait until the opening of pre-orders to find out a little more on the subject.

In conclusion, each gamer has their preferences when it comes to gaming platforms. It depends on the level, lifestyle, but also personal taste in terms of gaming experience. Anyway, FM 2023 has thought of everyone this year.