You are currently viewing Florent Pagny victim of cancer: these latest news all fresh on his state of health!

Florent Pagny victim of cancer: these latest news all fresh on his state of health!

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Fans of the singer were able to see Florent Pagny for the last time during the grand finale of The Voice on TF1 last May. However, they were also able to find it around 3 p.m. on France 2 in the best-of of the show Vivement dimanche this July 31, 2022. The opportunity to take 60 year old singer newssuffering from cancer, and to take stock of his current condition.

Florent Pagny’s cancer diagnosis

In recent months, the French television channel has sought to find a solution to make the most of the show. However, many difficulties had to be faced. This Sunday, July 31, Florent Pagny made his big comeback on the small screen as part of Vivement dimanche on France 2. However, this is not a new show. Michel Drucker’s show is made up of the best moments, a best-of.

The host had welcomed the singer last November. He had joined Studio Gabriel with his wife Azucena and Calogero, his faithful collaborator. A man who had worked with him on his album L’Avenir. In doing so, it was only a few months later, in late January, that the 60-year-old singer announced the bad news. Indeed, in a shock video on social networks he confided that he suffered from lung cancer, forcing him to cancel his tour.

The grueling chemotherapy sessions

With a fighting spirit, he nevertheless maintained his presence in The Voice until the end. And this, before devoting himself to his treatment and the chemotherapy which cost him all his hair. The first results look promising. “From a tumor the size of a good kiwi, I went to a hazelnut after two chemos”he confided in the columns of our colleagues Gala last May. Florent Pagny then added: “Now I’m coming out of the tunnel. I have some answers that allow me to better assess the situation and it revives in me certain things that I lost a little, arrived at my age (…) This cancer woke me up in a way, and it redefined the sense of my priorities.

Since then, only those close to him have spoken to the press for reassure the many fans about his state of health. In the columns of Nice-Matin on July 22, his friend, the famous singer Anggun, therefore said: “I take news of his health regularly. He has morale and he is really carried by the love of the French”.

Florent Pagny “fishing!”

The words of the composer of the Big Blue, Eric Serra, are also intended to be comforting. The two men, who fell ill with cancer at the same time, would be on the road to recovery. On July 20, 2022, in the columns of Le Parisien, Eric Serra confided. “We talked a lot with Florent. It happened to us right at the same time. It wasn’t the same cancer at all, but we had six chemo sessions each, spaced the same interval. After admitting that he often stays in touch with Florent Pagny, the singer said: “Florent is particularly positive. (…) He has the peach! “.

According to the elements of the magazine Here published on July 15, Florent Pagny would have joined his property in Portugal. And this, to rest after the final of The Voice. According to the magazine, the singer then travels to Paris in early July for in-depth medical visits. Even though his treatment made him tired, he still regained weight, which is a good omen. The artist seems on the right track to win his fight against illness. Even if Florent Pagny knows that he will have to remain very careful for the moment.