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Find the best of Nike products for the start of the 2022 school year

Nike’s design teams work daily to develop new products that help athletes perform better and feel more comfortable in their gear. Today’s challenges mean that companies must reinvent themselves every day, and create new products every day while being respectful of the environment. The DRI-Fit and Tech Fleece product lines, and more specifically the Nike Tech sets and tracksuits, are today references and meet the needs expressed for athletes and the planet.

A collection that adapts to the rhythm of the seasons

With its new collections, the comma brand reinvents the classic by Nike. There are collections for all seasons, which combine knitting, using specialist techniques, cotton (for its warmth) and nylon (solidity and breathability). In addition, the orientation of the seams is adapted for each product. With the association of Nike and other specialized brands, the brand offers a collection that adapts to the seasons to follow you in all your activities, even outdoor. We then find Nike Tech tracksuits or Nike Tech sets for all tastes and all sports. The weatherproof composition of Nike Tech fleeces has been designed to retain heat and release excess heat like a windbreaker.

Classics reinvented

Among the great classics of Nike, we find the classic crew and the hoodie. The latter sees its composition modified by a light and flexible foam and associated with soft cotton jersey which provides warmth, breathability and insulation. The guarantee of keeping all your freedom of movement, and style! The pieces in the Nike Tech Fleece collection allow you to combine comfort, relaxation, and warmth thanks to the cotton/polyester shell that makes the specificity of the range.

The collection has been designed to be as light as possible while offering optimal warmth thanks to an innovative technology for the creation of the fabric: yarns woven on a high-tech circular loom. The Tech Fleece range is a unique thermal fabrication that fuses a smooth jersey with a synthetic spacer to create ‘weightless warmth’.

A company always ahead

Nike maintains its status as a leader in the creation of sportswear by combining technicality and comfort, whether for high-level athletes or for everyday life! Nike’s research and innovation department has also addressed climate change concerns by redefining the way the industry thinks about fleece.

The company thus created the Nike Forward range. The goal: to revolutionize the creation of clothing by using perforated needle machines in order to produce high-end products that are more concerned with sustainability. This non-traditional weave creates an entirely new material that dramatically reduces the carbon footprint. The Nike Forward material also has a lighter density than traditional knitted fleece, which is crucial to achieving 75% carbon reduction, and the finished product includes 70% recycled content.

Where to get Nike Tech Fleece

Whether you are an early Nike fan, whether you want to invest in the same equipment supplier as the French football team, or simply want to discover the different ranges, know that many points of sale exist. All collections are, of course, available on the official Nike website. You can also find the Nike Tech Fleece product of your choice at physical retailers or on the internet such as on StockX. The Nike Tech Fleece collection, available in a wide choice of styles and colors, is today a fashion classic!