Find out the value of your vinyl and CD collection with an app

SoftwareThe advent of digital and streaming music (here top apps) has reduced interest in physical formats for music, but it certainly hasn’t killed them. In fact, there are many CD and vinyl collectors out there and especially the latter format has generated a lot of interest in recent years with more and more artists choosing to release their vinyl records. So if you too haven’t “submitted” to music only made up of ones and zeros and you have a large collection of vinyls and CDs, it may be interesting for you to discover that there is an application that allows you to catalog all your inventory and also discover their value, both of the single disc and of the entire collection. This is Discogs, an online platform very popular with music lovers, also present in the stores as an application (here for Android and iOS). Once registered with Discogs, you will be able to manually add your discs to your personal database, but the easiest way is certainly through the application. Once opened and connected to your account, you can indeed press the magnifying glass at the top right and then search for your disk. To simplify the operation, the advice is to take advantage of the integrated barcode reading function. All products from the last 40 or so years have a barcode, which will make access much easier for you. For some albums/singles there may be more variations and in case you have to choose your own. It is essential to have the quotation of the collection as precise as possible.

Once you’ve opened the correct disc, simply tap the library symbol to add it to your library. Disc value is calculated from market value, giving you a very accurate estimate of your collection. In fact, Discogs is also a fan market and there are tons of records for sale that are sold every day. These figures are used by Discogs to calculate a quote with the average, minimum and maximum value of your vinyl and CDs, as well as your entire collection. From the website, by going to your collection, you can also add the state of conservation of the box and the disc, to make the database even more faithful to reality. Among the other features of Discogs we also highlight the one that allows you to indicate a certain disc (also with its version and format) as interesting to you , to be notified each time it goes on sale.