Finally the tablet-sized Drive app!

GoogleGoogle has shown this year that it is focusing quite heavily on optimizing its apps for devices with large screens, such as tablets. After the launch of Android 12L , which marked a turning point in terms of functionality on this type of device, the Mountain View giant announced that many applications will be even more optimized. These include those of the Google Workspace suite, namely Drive, Documents, Sheets, Presentations and Keep. Indeed, through a post on its official blog, the company has specified all the novelties to come. First, the developers are focusing on improving the use of multitasking. Concretely, when the user activates the split screen mode, it will be possible to easily drag text or images from an application like Chrome or Sheets to a document or a spreadsheet. It will also be possible to drag a photo from Google Photos directly into Google Drive. Finally, there will also be the option that lets you drag the image saved in Keep (the notes app) to an email in Gmail.

Other news will affect Google Drive. For example, users will be able to get more information about files in the cloud. To do this, it will be possible to open two windows side by side of the application: in this way it will be easy to press the three-point menu of any file and select the option “Open in a new window”. With this feature, the need to always go back when searching for a specific file will be overcome. Finally, all applications in the Google Workspace suite will receive keyboard shortcuts such as select, cut, copy, paste, undo and redo. In this way, it will be more immediate to navigate in Drive, Documents and Presentations, without having to slow down and without letting go of the keyboard. Google’s message concludes by announcing that “These updates will be rolling out over the next few weeks to all Android devices with large screens with Google Workspace as well as personal Google accounts.