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Fiat unveils the first images of its coupé SUV, the Fastback

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It could have been the rival of the Renault Arkana in France but it will not be marketed in our regions. The Fiat Fastback is officially unveiled today by Fiat in South America.

It’s been a long time since we had a real novelty at Fiat. If we exclude restylings and “Cross” variants, in fact, the last one is none other than… the 124. An eternity, then, but Fiat is still active with a catalog revolving around the declination of 500 , and in particular its electric version which is making good sales scores in Europe. But the Fiat group is not only the Old Continent, it is also a presence in South America where we had recently discovered a sports pseudo with the Abarth Pulse. And today, the Italian manufacturer lifts the veil on the first images of the Fastback, its very first coupe SUV which would probably have had its place with us given the rise of this segment among generalists recently: Peugeot 408 and especially Renault Arkana. .even Volkswagen Taigo.

A stylishly dynamic Fiat Fastback

The stern is rather successful, although relatively conventional and faithful to the standards of the category© Fiat

Unveiled in a two-tone version, the Fastback takes up the usual codes of the category with tapered lights at the rear, a semblance of a “duck tail”, a particularly aggressive diffuser and a demonstrative grille. By adding the LED optics and the large rims, you have the complete package of the modern SUVwith sporty looks trying to imitate the most high-end premium models that have established this previously non-existent segment: Mercedes GLE Coupé, Audi Q8, BMW X6 and even Range Rover Velar.

The interior remains a well-kept secret even if for obvious cost reasons, it should approach that of the Pulse.

It would be the South American model having required the most investment for Fiat, which has not yet confirmed the mechanics present under the hood, even if we should logically find the turbocharged blocks of Fiat, and in particular the 1.3 in 130 and 185 hp versions. Regarding marketing in Europe, it is not completely excluded but Fiat seems for the moment to give priority to Brazil and Argentina. And this Fastback will probably have to be mechanically overhauled to pass our pollution control standards.

Published on 08/04/2022 Updated 08/04/2022