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Faudel explains why he was forced to leave for Morocco

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After crossing the desert that lasted several years, the prince of Raï, Faudel, is gradually returning to center stage. In an interview, he explains why he was forced to go to Morocco.

In the show Morning Sans Filtre on Virgin Radio, Faudel returned to his support for Nicolas Sarkozy during the presidential campaign of 2007. An episode of his life which remains a bad memory for the singer, because publicly supporting the candidate Nicolas Sarkozy brought him more harm than good. “Part of his audience turned away from him,” says Gala.

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The prince of raï regrets this political commitment: “In France, it does not pass politics. We must not go there, because it is not our job. Today, I have a lot of hindsight with that. But it’s the only bullshit I could do in my life. This political commitment also forced the interpreter of My country to leave France for Morocco, his adopted country (he acquired Moroccan nationality in 2011) because of threats and attacks. “I have my son who has been assaulted several times because of this. ” To ” survive ” and ” get my head out of the water “, ” I had only one solution, it was to leave France, I left with my little bag and I went to Morocco “, a- he says.

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Today, he apologizes for having made this choice. “I was told ‘why did you support him?’ and I said to myself ‘what the hell did I do?’. I understand that it may offend that I was seen with this person. Today, I apologize. I shouldn’t be there because it wasn’t my place,” added the Franco-Algerian.