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“Fate decided otherwise”: Denitsa’s farewell message to “Dancing with the Stars”

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Like Christian Millette and Maxime Dereymez, Denitsa Ikonomova will not be part of the dancers for season 12 of “Dancing with the Stars”, which will begin at the start of the school year on TF1. Surprise from this emblematic figure of the show (4 victories and juror in 2021).

“This show changed my life”

“It is with a heavy heart that I confirm that I will unfortunately not be part of season 12 of ‘Dancing with the Stars'”, writes Denitsa Ikonomova, followed by more than 830,000 people on Instagram. “This show changed my life and I am very grateful to all the production of TF1 for giving me my chance to show what I was capable of. I blossomed during eight wonderful seasons as a dancer, coach and choreographer (…) I would have loved to relive this experience but fate decided otherwise…”

Denitsa Ikonomova, however, wishes “the best to the 4 judges and to the new candidates, as to all my dancer friends.” And to conclude with a reference to his costume in “Mask Singer”: “But don’t worry, we don’t let go. ‘The butterfly’ must now take off towards new horizons and we will see each other again very soon for lots of other surprises and adventures. I will miss you very much, thank you again for everything… I love you.”