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Faced with controversy, Twitch multiplies cached announcements

Bonus discounts for the SUBtember, new features, announcements all over the place… These days, Twitch seems endless. Is there a particular reason behind all this?

Starting today and for the last few days before the end of the SUBtember event on Twitch, take advantage of 25% discount on subscriptions offered… and the deployment of a little novelty!

The last days haven’t been particularly positive for Twitch on the topical side, then simple coincidence or clever attempt to catch up with the situation, the platform of live streaming multiply announcements.

How to take advantage of the 25% discount on subscriptions offered on Twitch?

This year on Twitch, the annual SUBtember event offered discounts ranging from -20% to -30% on your subscriptions to your favorite channels, depending on the duration of the subscription in question. It’s an important time of year for content creators on Twitch because this is usually their most financially profitable month!

Alas, there was no discount announced on subscriptions offered by the community… till today. And you can already take advantage of this offer until September 30, 2022! This reduction is only valid only for subscriptions offered for a period of 1 month.

Discounts active until September 30 (source: Twitch)

A tenfold effect with the new Hype Train without level limit

And that’s not the only announcement from Twitch: make way for the new Hype Train! This revised version of the Hype Train does not have no level limit (against 5 levels maximum until then) and saves the chain’s historic record.

The concept remains the same: depending on the number of demonstrations of financial support on a live, the animation of the Hype Train starts, encouraging the spectators to participate too to advance the train to level 5… except that in the absence of this limit, they don’t really hold back anymore! Thus and despite the freshness of this novelty, the streamer community KaiCenat has already succeeded in create a level 43 Hype Train (!!!) with no less than 5,216 subscriptions and 33,128 bits collected during the train (source).

The new Train interface, with the record displayed (source: Twitch via ShidyGames)

Trompe l’oeil novelties to drown out the bad news?

As we mentioned in the introduction, this slew of new features is coming with a special sense of timing: in just one week, Twitch had to deal with many controversies, between the subject gambling streamsnew revenue sharing with its creatorsrevelations about pedophile networks on the platform (source, in english), the departure of Constance Knight from the company (Head of Creators)…

Should we see an attempt at communication to keep control of the narrative around the Twitch brand in the media via ad effects, or a real desire to improve the platform by iterations? The future will tell. In any case, on the side of content creators, hope does not really seem to be there.