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Extreme Rules: Ronda Rousey makes Liv Morgan quit

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If the last editions of Extreme Rules were extreme only in name, the 2022 iteration went back to its roots: all games of the evening enjoyed a special stipulation. As you will have understood, the match between SmackDown champion Liv Morgan and Ronda Rousey was no exception: the two women found themselves in an Extreme Rules match with the blue belt at stake. Last September, Morgan took advantage of his time on Welsh soil to beat Baszler without flinching, by count of 3, with the force of his obLIVion. Overcoming Rousey in an extreme fight would finish building her champion stature.

One thing is certain, the two wrestlers were generous in their use of weapons and objects of all kinds. Violent and intense, the fight offered us pretty spots as that Senton Splash from Liv through a table :

Rousey will eventually succeed in placing her Arm Bar on Morgan. The champion will try a powerbomb to get rid of her embrace, but Rousey will continue until she loses consciousness. SmackDown has a new champion! Note a smile from Morgan just before letting go. A link with the white rabbit ?

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Photo credit: WWE