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Extreme Rules: Bray Wyatt is back!

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The crass disappointment was beginning to point the tip of his nose when Riddle had just beaten Rollins in a fight pit match, the end of show credits had just appeared at the bottom of our screens and the famous revelations about the white rabbit seemed get away… before the credits disappear and the room is plunged into darkness!

“He’s got the world in his hands” begins to reverberate around the arena and the spotlight shines on characters from the defunct Firefly Fun House before stopping on the fiend itself !

The camera focuses on a door on the stage. A video is playing on the titantron. We enter the abandoned FireFly Fun House, eaten away by dust and dirt. A masked man asks who is responsible for all this…

Back on stage. The door opens. A masked man pulls out a lantern in his hand. He takes off his mask…it’s Bray Wyatt!

The PLE ends on the upside-down butterfly logo with a skull. The rabbit came out of its burrow. Next on Monday! Find all the Extreme Rules 2022 results at this link and our hot review below:

Photo credit: WWE