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Evolve Qwilfish from Hisui to Qwilpik, how to get the evolution on Pokémon Go?

Want to evolve Hisui’s Qwilfish and get Qwilpik on Pokémon Go? Here is our guide to exploring and getting this evolution!

It is possible to obtain new Pokémon on Pokémon Go thanks to the event “Discoveries in Hisui”. Among them, find for the first time Hisui’s Caninos, Hisui’s Qwilifish, and Hisui’s Sneasel.

If you want to evolve certain Pokémon, unique mechanics are required. We therefore explain to you how to evolve Hisui’s Qwilfish in Qwilpik !

How to evolve Hisui’s Qwilfish into Qwilpik on Pokémon Go?

To evolve Hisui’s Qwilfish on Pokémon, Go, you will need to:

  • Own 50 Qwilfish Candies
  • Set off together in exploration to make it evolve and win 10 raids

Hisui’s Qwilfish
  • You should then choose Hisui’s Qwilfish as the buddy pokemon
  • To do this, click on the icon at the bottom left of your screen, on your current Buddy Pokémon
  • Swipe and go to the bottom to click ” Change Buddy »
  • Select Hisui’s Qwilfish
  • Once Qwilfish is your Buddy Pokémon, you must perform 10 Raids and win them
  • Hisui’s Qwilfish does not need to fight with you in Raids to complete the mission

Once you have won 10 Raids and have 50 Qwilfish Candy, the evolution will be available and you will be able to obtain Qwilpik.

How do I get Qwilfish Candy?

Since you need 50 Qwilfish Candies to get Qwilpikhere are some tips to get as many Candy as possible Mangluton :

  • Take part in the “Discoveries in Hisui” event by catching Hisui’s Qwilfish in the wild
  • Open gifts from your friends to get eggs 7 km and have a chance to hatch Hisui’s Qwilfish
  • Capture as many of Hisui’s Qwilfish as possible and transfer them to the Professor
  • Use Nanana berries in order to earn more candy by capturing Hisui’s Qwilfish
  • If you capture Qwilfish not native to Hisuiyou also collect Candies that allow you to evolve Hisui’s Qwilfish

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