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Eva Longoria: ‘I was jealous enough to wring my stomach’

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Eva Longoria“I was jealous to the point of twisting my stomach”

The actress confided to live more serenely her 3rd marriage after being made ill during the first two.

Eva Longoria is more peaceful today.


“Jealousy sucks such a lot of energy”: Eva Longoria, in her “Connections” podcast, told Chilean author Isabel Allende that she suffered a lot during her first two marriages, with Tyler Christopher (2002-2004) and Tony Parker (2007-2011). “I remember being jealous to the point of twisting my stomach. It’s the worst feeling. Why would anyone want to experience that feeling?”.


A jealousy at the origin of her divorce with the French basketball player, after she found text messages from another woman in her phone. She has now matured and changed her approach when she decided to have a relationship with José “Pepe” Bastón, a Mexican businessman. “I think finding love at 40 – ‘Pepe was 50’ – is like saying, ‘Can we just enjoy this life together?'”

They have been married since 2016 and have a baby boy, Santi. But they could have missed this beautiful story. In 2013, when a mutual friend introduced them, “there was no connection,” she says. “I was coming out of a bad relationship, he was also coming out of a relationship”. Not the right timing.

But the friend persists and makes them meet again six months later. “I had no memory of meeting him the first time and we had immediate sparks”. The magic worked, “he was the most handsome man I had ever seen, he was so charismatic, charming, kind and funny. I thought: “Who is this guy?”. If she is happy today, it is because “he was one of the first men I went out with who was really an adult”. “It’s so nice to be arm in arm with someone who is your equal.”