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Eva De Bleeker threatens energy suppliers: “Solve the problem or I will go to court”

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State Secretary for Budget and Consumer Protection Eva De Bleeker (Open VLD) is angry with energy suppliers. The increase in the price of gas and electricity seems to be accompanied by an increase in complaints to suppliers, whose customer complaints remain visibly unanswered. Many complaints relate to the lack of transparency about bills and accessibility.

This Sunday, on the show From Zevende Dag on TV één, Eva De Bleeker gave energy suppliers a week to communicate clearly to their customers. “My patience is exhausted,” she hammered. The Economic Inspectorate, which has already received 1,634 reports this year concerning seven suppliers, is conducting an investigation, but the companies are visibly limited. A well-founded complaint can lead to a fine of up to 80,000 euros.

The liberal even mentioned a lawsuit in court, for the recalcitrant. “Resolve the issue, or legal action will follow,” she threatened. “If, despite this fine, there is still no action to resolve the breaches identified, I will file complaints with my colleagues and possibly go to court to take action.”

Maybe the urgency isn’t showing up or these suppliers don’t realize the insecurity of customers when they receive high advance bills,” said the secretary of state.

Companies must therefore provide more clarity on invoices and make their customer service more efficient. They have a week to give a “clear roadmap”. “These customer services must develop, even if I know that it is sometimes difficult to find staff,” said Eva De Bleeker. Since last year, five warnings have been issued and six reports drawn up.

Some complaints also relate to abusive commercial practices, in the context of a sale by telephone or door-to-door “How is it that there are no employees to answer customer questions, but what about when it comes to finding new customers?” she asked.