You are currently viewing Eric wants to die |  Vidal asks Vanessa in marriage to free himself – Plus belle la vie September 5, 2022 (episode 4610)

Eric wants to die | Vidal asks Vanessa in marriage to free himself – Plus belle la vie September 5, 2022 (episode 4610)

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Discover the detailed summary of Plus belle la vie in advance episode 4610 of Monday September 5, 2022 broadcast on France 3. Léo does not really validate the relationship between Mirta and Father Luc, especially in relation to Roland. The person responsible for Simon’s accident is arrested. Romain plays the strategy to soon be free.

Read the complete PBLV recap season 18 episode 4610 of 09/05/2022 in preview with all the photos from the soap opera Plus belle la vie.

Mistral gossip with Léo, Claire and Blanche

Find it full summary of Plus belle la vie for Monday, September 5, 2022 episode 4610 in advance, 3 days before the broadcast France 3): the recap of the previous episode PBLV 02//09/2022 .

Ariane arrives on the scene and tries to negotiate with Eric so that he doesn’t waste his life by killing Martin. Ariane takes Eric by the feelings by telling him that Simon when he will wake up, how he will react on learning that he is at Baumettes. Eric becomes aware of things and puts the lighter down.

Romain wakes up, he is tied by his legs. Vidal asks Vanessa to untie him, she promises to do it but not now because he’s not ready.

Eric tells Ariane that he didn’t have the courage…Ariane knows what it’s like to hit rock bottom…but she tells him there’s always something behind it.

The next day, Justine tells Baptiste that in 3 seconds your ex has turned your brains around. Baptiste points out to Justine that she was behaving oddly. Baptist apologizes.

Luna tells Father Luc that she doesn’t want Mirta to suffer from their relationship. Luna is worried about her mother.
Mirta decided to be strong and to take responsibility for her relationship. Leo confides in Claire and Blanche that it bothers him a bit that Mirta shows up…the mistral is Roland’s bar. He wouldn’t like it. Claire says we have to be kind.

Eric more beautiful life

Eric decided to die

martin has signed a full confession, he is placed in preventive detention. Martin filed a complaint against Eric… Ariane pleaded Eric’s case with the prosecutor. Ariane tells Eric that he is indicted but is free.

life more beautiful

Mirta and Luc stronger than rumors

Romain hears a conversation from Vanessa with Sylvia saying that they are going to extend their stay. Vanessa says that Romain is going to propose to her…and that she would like Sylvia to be the wedding-planner. Sylvia wants to talk to Romain but Vanessa pretends that he is in the shower.
Romain decides to change his attitude, he says he is angry with himself and not with Vanessa. Romain says he’s ready to go without medication.

Romain PBLV

Romain wants to get away from Vanessa

Baptiste comes to see Emma to tell her that they were wrong but he cannot tell her the truth. He says Justine is innocent. Emma must not tell anyone what they saw.

More beautiful life in advance episode 4610 of September 5, 2022: Eric’s discomfort is immense

Eric arrives at the hospital, Simon is no longer in bed and the cupboards are empty. Eric thinks he’s dead but in fact he changed rooms. Simon is in a deep coma even if he is better (hematoma resorbed). He may never wake up.

Romain proposes to Vanessa. He tells her that her mom’s ring is in her dressing room. Vanessa doesn’t want him to go to the roommate again…he’s not ready, she’s the one who’s going to get her.

Ariane more beautiful life

Ariane struggles for Eric following his mistake

Eric is depressed, he drinks to forget in his hotel room. He holds a gun in his hands…he wants to kill himself.

The highlights of Plus belle la vie of September 5, 2022: what to remember

Eric more beautiful life

Eric still has bad news for Simon

– Romain asks Vanessa in marriage, he plays comedy to gain her trust
– Ariane avoided Eric killing Martin
– Eric is afraid that Simon will never wake up…he is thinking about dying
– Mirta and Luc ready to assume their relationship in the eyes of all
– Baptiste ready to trust Justine 100%

Our opinion

The +

  • Eric’s descent into hell continues
  • Romain strategist to get out of it
  • Ariane Eric’s super friend in all circumstances


  • Leo not very open to Mirta’s new relationship
  • Emma planted by Baptiste without knowing the truth… will she continue her investigation?

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To be continued the complete summary of Plus belle la vie in advance of Tuesday, September 6, 2022 with episode 4611.

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