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EpikWhale and Malibuca Win $2 Million From Saudi LAN Fortnite In The Craziest Way

Four days. Two tournaments. $2,000,000 in prize money. What an event !

The Gamers8 Fortnite LAN in Saudi Arabia ended this weekend with EpikWhale and Malibuca emerging as Battle Royale Duos champions. They fetched $125,000 each, having already secured an additional $50,000 coin during the Zero Build event.

It all came down to the very last moments of what was undeniably one of the craziest endings we’ve ever seen. Chapix & zAndy and Kami & Setty were also close at hand, but it was the international duo, playing together for the first time, who hung on when it counted.


Malibuca even received an incredible $100,000 bonus for being crowned MVP!

Battle Royale Top 5

1st – EpikWhale & Malibuca ($250,000)

2n/a – Chapix & zAndy ($150,000)

3rd – Kami & Setty ($100,000)

4e – Andilex & Skram ($75,000)

5e – Hen and Queasy ($50,000)

Pinq & Anas lifted the Zero Build trophy on Friday, also splitting the $250,000 prize for 1st. They were in 5e place before the final match and pulled off a whopping 12-kill 3rd to jump to the top of the leaderboard.

Top 5 Zero Building

1st – Pinq & Anas ($250,000)

2n/a – Hellfire and Trippern ($150,000)

3rd – EpikWhale & Malibuca ($100,000)

4e – Kovaaks & Refsgaard ($75,000)

5e – Liwshe & Stenno ($50,000)

In the biggest international competition since the World Cup, the region versus region debate was bound to arise.

Unsurprisingly, given the number of people in each region, Europe had the best performance in the Battle Royale leaderboard.

However, it was not the more accurate representation of the current Fortnite landscape. Some of NAE’s top pros, including Bugha and Cented, weren’t in attendance, while many European players weren’t playing with their usual teammates.

All in all, Gamers8 put on a fantastic Fortnite tournament. Of course, the location, the prize pool and the long list of star players meant a lot of hype, but everything else, from the commentary to the lineup, was great too!

Now, all eyes are on the FNCS Invitational in November to see what an official Epic Games LAN will look like in 2022.