You are currently viewing Epic Seven Tier List 2022, what are the best heroes?

Epic Seven Tier List 2022, what are the best heroes?

In Epic Seven, you will be able to get your hands on many heroes, but which are the best? We offer you a third list.

On iOS and Android mobiles, it is possible to find several successful games such as Pokémon GO or even gachas like Genshin Impact Where Epic Seven.

Within Epic Seven, you are going to be able to obtain different heroes who will all have a class, an element and a style of play and some players are wondering moreover who are the best characters in the game. In order to find out, we are going to offer you the tier list produced by Gfinity (source).

Tier list of heroes in Epic Seven

Epic Seven since its release has made it possible to get your hands on many heroes, the number of which is growing as updates are made. To find out which are the best, we will give you a tier list by class, but we only take rank S and A from the Gfinity list.

Tank (Knight)


  • Charles
  • Adventurer Ras
  • Tywin
  • Krau


  • Charlotte
  • Shadow Pink
  • Pink
  • Last Rider Krau
  • Falconer Kuri
  • Lilia
  • Fallen Cecilia
  • Crimson Armin



  • Martial Artist Ken
  • Yufine
  • Sigret
  • Delighted


  • Sol Badguy
  • Hwayoung
  • Little Queen Charlotte
  • Ken
  • Cermia
  • Chloe
  • Straze
  • Apocalypse Ravi
  • Kitty Clarissa
  • Assassin Cartuja
  • Mercenary Helga
  • Rem




  • Silver Blade Aramintha
  • Auxiliary Lots
  • Specter Tenebria
  • Vivian
  • Luluca


  • Zerato Champion
  • Zealot Carmainerose
  • Aria
  • Carrot Researcher
  • Ludwig
  • Fairytale Tenebria
  • Baal and Sezan
  • Kawerik
  • Celestial Mercedes
  • Tenebria
  • Aramintha
  • Melissa
  • Dizzy
  • Supermodel Luluca
  • Dominiel Challenger
  • basar




  • Seaside Bellona
  • Landy
  • Briar Witch Iseria


  • Operator Sign
  • All Rounder Wanda
  • Watcher Schuri
  • iseria
  • Leo
  • lidica
  • Cherry
  • blank
  • Bellona


Support (Soul Weaver)


  • purchases
  • Street of Light
  • Roana
  • Angelica
  • Tamarind


  • Magic Scholar Doris
  • Batches
  • Blood Moon Haste
  • rin
  • Mascot Hazel
  • Diene
  • Angelic Montmorancy
  • Shooting Star Anchates
  • Ray
  • Maid Chloe
  • destiny
  • Blaze Goofy


Thief (Thief)


  • Referee Vildred
  • Vildred
  • kise
  • Blood Blade Karin
  • Purple
  • Kayron
  • Sez


  • Assassin Coli
  • Celine
  • Baiken
  • haste
  • Purple Remnant
  • Karin
  • Specimen Sez
  • Assassin Cidd
  • Ervalen
  • Cidd
  • Crescent Moon Rin
  • Parcel


(image credits: Tier Maker)

Of course, this tier list is for information only and you may find that some heroes are better than others. Finally, we remind you that Epic Seven allows you to enter passwords or codes in order to get free rewards like Leifs and Gold.