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Energy prices: how to get government assistance?

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Faced with rising energy prices, the federal government announced on September 16 the introduction of a “reduced price energy package” to help households. Here are the conditions to qualify.

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HASIn order to enable households to cope with the rise in energy prices this winter, Vivaldi is offering a new basic package for the months of November and December 2022. This aid amounts to 135 euros for gas and to 61 euros for electricity, as reported by 7sur7. Income and contract conditions have been set. Thus, all contracts, both variable and fixed, are concerned as long as they have been signed or renewed after October 1, 2021.

Who is concerned ?

Eligibility depends on household income. A single person should not receive more than 62,000 euros annually, while for a couple the income limit is 125,000 euros. If you have dependents, for each of them, this limit increases by 3,700 euros. It will therefore be 85% of Belgian households who should benefit from government aid, according to 7sur7. For the remaining 15%, they will be taxed next year.

What is the protocole ?

The aid will be automatically applied to the invoices. If these do not reach 135 euros for gas and 61 euros for electricity, a credit note will be debited for future invoices.

This “reduced price energy package” should not extend beyond December, but if the crisis persists in January 2023, the federal government may have to re-examine the question.