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Energy price: a bonus of 196 euros available from November

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In support of soaring energy prices, a reduction of 196 euros will be granted to Belgian households.

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Lhe federal government has implemented measures to support the purchasing power of Belgians in the face of soaring energy prices. A bonus of 196 euros will be paid automatically to households eligible for it.

The premium amounts to 196 euros per month, which includes 135 euros for gas and 61 euros for electricity. This support is intended for individuals with a variable or fixed energy contract concluded from October 1, 2021.

Access conditions

85% of the population would be entitled to it, but this bonus is subject to an income condition. The people concerned will have to earn a maximum of 62,000 euros per year, 125,000 euros for couples without dependents. Individuals who earn more will also receive the bonus but will be taxed on this sum and will therefore have to reimburse it in part, via their tax return.

The bonus also applies to people living in condominiums, with collective energy contracts. The Minister of Energy, Tinne Van der Straeten (Groen), indicated however that the latter should claim the bonus: “We cannot do this automatically”, she indicates.

Path to follow

There is no action to take. The premium will be deducted directly from the invoices of consumers who meet the conditions described above. Only people living in condominiums, equipped with collective boilers will have to complete a form, which will be published later on the FPS Economy website.

The bill is expected to be voted on this week.

Until when ?

The bonus will be available from November 2022 to March 2023, therefore a total aid of 980 euros.