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Energy crisis: what are the procedures for obtaining ‘pellets’ and ‘fuel oil’ vouchers?

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As for the energy bonus, the federal government announced the extension of the monthly energy bonus of 196 euros for the months of November and December. It is 135 euros for gas and 61 euros for electricity. Households that meet the required conditions will therefore see their bills reduced. And this, automatically. It will apply from November 10, according to Energy Minister Tinne Van der Straeten.

It is possible that the mechanism will be extended in 2023, but this has yet to be decided, probably at the end of the year.

This federal government’s cut-price energy package was approved yesterday in the House Committee. It must still be validated tomorrow in plenary session.

Not every Belgian can claim the energy bonus. Several conditions must be met to qualify:

– Be an individual;

– Have a variable or fixed energy contract concluded or renewed from October 1, 2021;

– Not to exceed an annual net taxable income of €62,000 for a single person, €125,000 for a couple without dependents, €128,700 for a couple with dependents. People who earn more can receive the bonus but will be taxed on it.

Finally, citizens living in co-ownership with collective energy contracts will be able to receive the bonus if they complete the form which will soon be published on the FPS Economy website. The bonus will not be granted to them automatically.