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Energy crisis: the Walloon distributor Ores will not increase its prices next year

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Ores, the largest distribution network operator in Wallonia, has decided, following a request from the Walloon government, not to request an increase in distribution tariffs for 2023, he announced on Wednesday.

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However, the network operator is facing very sharply rising costs. On the one hand, higher than expected inflation is weighing on Ores, which will have to mobilize to meet the increase in its costs, according to its estimates, “more than 60 million euros which are not currently covered by the tariffs .”

On the other hand, Ores is itself a very large consumer of electricity and gas, the network manager having to buy 800,000 MWh each year. Ores estimates at this stage that the additional cost it risks having to face for the year 2023 alone will amount to 90 million euros which are not covered by the current tariffs.

This did not prevent the board of directors from deciding, unanimously, to maintain the 2023 tariff at the current level and not to make customers bear these cost increases. To do this, Ores will mobilize all of the savings made by the company between 2019 and 2021. the Walloon government to mobilize the means of the company in order to relieve the bill of consumers in the Walloon Region”, we explain in a press release.

In addition, Ores claims to want to “maintain the evolution of the distribution price below real inflation during the next tariff period, while confirming Ores’ industrial plan 2022-2037, characterized by an increase in investments in the systems distribution of more than one billion euros over the period, i.e. an increase of more than 30%.

Ores further announces that as a “social supplier”, it will implement a winter plan “adapted to the great difficulties encountered by many of its customers”. In concrete terms, resources are mobilized to strengthen the call center’s capacity to respond to customers’ questions and concerns. Oes will also strengthen its collaboration with the social institutions concerned, in particular the CPAS, to provide individualized solutions to the most serious cases.

Finally, “very particular attention” will be paid to situations of payment difficulties justified by the current circumstances of soaring energy prices. Before the coming winter, Ores will offer any customer making a request, special measures for financing increases in the bill in order to enable them to spread them over time and thus cushion the current price increases.

Ores is present in nearly 200 Walloon municipalities, which makes it the leading distribution network manager in the south of the country.