Energy crisis: solar water heaters, a solution that is not unanimous

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With current energy prices, this system is regaining a certain appeal, but it is better to first know your hot water needs to determine if the investment is worth it.

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Overshadowed in recent years by photovoltaic solar panels, solar water heaters are making a comeback. Belsolar, the federation representing the sector, reports an increase in orders this year of 30 to 35%. The obvious reason is the current energy prices, which are once again making these installations attractive from a financial point of view.

A solar water heater uses the sun’s rays to heat sanitary water (showers, etc.), which saves on electricity, gas or fuel oil bills. The installation consists of thermal panels placed on the roof which will absorb solar energy to heat a heat transfer liquid and a storage tank installed near the boiler in which the heat exchange will take place between the liquid heat carrier and sanitary water. The two are connected by pipes which must therefore pass through part of the housing.

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